Children at the Centre of Hordle (CATCH)

We are a group of parents working alongside the staff and teachers at the school. Together we are CATCH (Children at the Centre of Hordle).

Our Aimcircle14

To get more parents and family members involved in school life – making our school an even better place and helping our teachers to do an even better job for our children.

There are so many ways in which we can help the children in school: Reading, Spellings, Costumes, Times Tables, Crafts, Gardening, Cookery, Sewing, Lunchtime games, Tea and Coffee, Road Safety, Art, and we’d love to help you find a way to get involved. You don’t need to be a parent at the school. You just need to complete a Classroom Volunteer Application pack and have a smile!

Why get involved? What the children say…

I like reading to the mums who come and help…they are kind and patient.

I love it when my mum comes into help…it makes me feel special.

What the parents say…

My child loves to read to me in the classroom…

“What did you do today?” “Not much…”….but now you’ll know!

What the research says…

When parents are involved in their children’s education they achieve more….and the schools that their children go to are better.

If you would like to know more about us please speak to your class teacher!