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HC3S Menus 

HC3S Menus from September 2020 – April 2021


Whole School Communications

26/02/2021 A Letter from Mrs Adams

05/02/2021 NHS Family Well Being Pack


22/01/2021 Fraud warning to families

15/01/2021 Team Hordle’s Active Minutes Challenge!

08/01/2021 Google Classroom with your Xbox or Playstation

27/11/2020 Fare Share Mobile Larder

23/10/2020 HCC Sending your child to school

16/10/2020 COVID-19 Parent Information

25/09/2020 NHS letter to parents and guardians

11/09/2020 Should my child go to school today

04/09/2020 Den BC & ASC Information for parents

02/09/2020 – Returning to School – What Parents Need to Know

24/08/2020 Attendance Procedures September 2020


Community iComms

Hordle CE Primary School does not endorse any activities/services or organisations contained in Community iComms. We will never disclose your details to third party companies for marketing purposes. 

26/02/2021 HSG Warm up – Book Worm

26/02/2021 HSG Monday Challenge – Mr Men

26/02/2021 HSG Tuesday Challenge – The BFG

26/02/2021 HSG Wednesday Challenge – Going on a Bear Hunt

26/02/2021 HSG Thursday Challenge – Harry Potter

26/02/2021 HSG Friday Challenge – Musical Statues

26/02/2021 Oakhaven Bunny Run

05/02/2021 HSG Skipping

05/02/2021 HSG Dance


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Term Dates 2020/21

Home Tutor Leaflet – A guide for parents on choosing a home tutor, instructor or coach


Symptoms of common childhood illnesses – What to look out for

What to do if my child is unwell

Exclusion Periods After Illness

Head Lice – A Guide for Parents

15/06/2018 HCC Measles Letter

Should my child go to school today


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