Parental Engagement

At Hordle CE Primary School we value the contribution our parents make to the school and the education of our learners and we understand that the support of parents is invaluable. We have several ways of engaging with you as parents and involving you in the school community:

  • Two annual learning reviews
  • Two face-to-face drop-in sessions
  • One full annual report
  • Weekly whole school newsletter
  • Phase termly newsletter
  • Twitter feeds
  • School website
  • Letters home
  • Texts to parents
  • Availability for meetings with parents
  • Available to contact via telephone and/or email
  • Praise postcards
  • Parent governors
  • Grandhordles
  • Parent workshops
  • Transition meetings
  • Phase celebrations and special days
  • Parent forum
  • Parent volunteers (eg reading, trips, Maths games)
  • Parent surveys
  • Parent helper tea party
  • Special church services
  • Performances
  • Music concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Charity events including team cake sales

The objectives of Parental Engagement are:

  • to support the educational development and welfare of all pupils
  • to support the continuous development of the school
  • to provide a channel for communication between school and parents and parents and school
  • to be informed of and consider items raised by school pupil groups
  • to seek to utilise the wide range of professional expertise of parents
  • to share good practice from a range of institutions
  • to consider and recommend future innovations
  • to liaise with PATCH where appropriate

We welcome any further parental involvement. If you are interested in becoming more involved in parental engagement, please contact the school office or email