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Hordle Primary School is a church school and at its heart are the values of our Christian Foundation – Learning, Teamship, Aspiration and Identity. We believe that learning and growing in a caring Christian environment will strengthen the values, principles and personal beliefs of our pupils, equipping them for living life in the 21st Century.

In establishing their own journey towards a personal faith, we will equip our pupils with the courage and strength to defend their own beliefs whilst showing tolerance and respect for others.

We understand and do not underestimate the challenges awaiting our pupils growing up in a secular and unsettled society. Through a curriculum rich in discussion and a passion for nurturing enquiring minds, we aim to develop a readiness to challenge all that would constrain the human spirit for example: poverty of aspiration, lack of self-confidence and belief, moral neutrality and indifference, greed, injustice and discrimination.

Whilst we respect that our children may never come to a life of faith, we believe that by nurturing them in an environment where Christian Values are promoted and modelled they will grow up as confident citizens of the future, who are able to contribute to a legacy for future generations with integrity and purpose.


The Church of England’s Vision for Education

The Church Of England set out its Vision for Education, outlining four core strands: Wisdom, Hope, Community and Dignity. The full Vision document can be found here.

Hordle School’s Christian Values

Hordle School’s response to and interpretation of the Vision for Education, and what this means for the learners and staff in our school can be found here.

Church School Vision Group

Our school is proud of our Church School Vision group (a dedicated and enthusiastic group of Key Stage 2 children) who meet regularly. This group work on a variety of priorities including: Planning and Leading Collective Worship, Monitoring Worship and offering feedback to staff, designing and setting up the school’s prayer space and decorating the Church for End of Term services. More recently, the oldest members of the CSV group have been thrilled to explore the Christian Faith further through a residential visit to Ferny Crofts Centre in Brockenhurst, run by CPAS Venture Holidays.


The planning and teaching of Religious Education is supported by the following Programmes of Study and resources:

Understanding Christianity

Living Difference

RE Fit Curriculum

To see how RE is incorporated with your child’s learning, please visit ‘The Hordle Curriculum‘ page and search for your child’s phase.


Collective Worship is an important and valued part of our school day, and an opportunity for the school community to come together. Worship has a crucial role to play in strengthening our caring Christian environment, where children feel confident, valued and supported.

Collective Worship is structured around four key elements: Gathering, Engaging, Responding, Sending.

The children are regularly given the opportunity to respond and reflect more deeply on a Worship’s theme, within their classes, and these responses are captured in their Class Reflection Book.

At Hordle we value and encourage the use of good manners, through STEP (Sorry, Thank You, Excuse Me, Please). We also make use of STEP as a prompt and structure for prayer during our STEP Prayers Worship time. A link to this prayer prompt can be found here.

Worship Themes Overview

Summer Worship Timetable 2021

Collective Worship Guidance


At Hordle School we understand the importance of developing the Spirituality of all of our learners. We recognise that this is an ongoing process without a fixed destination and that Spirituality need not be linked to any particular faith.

We aim to provide opportunities, right across the curriculum, for pupils to develop their curiosity, be creative, ask questions, reflect on their experiences and change their perspectives.

Pupils’ Spirituality is encouraged through guided reflection in the following four aspects:


Mirror MomentsA reflection of Ourselves

To gain a better understanding of who we are as individual people. To recognise that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences help to shape us and make us unique.



Door MomentsA reflection of Others

To look at the examples and lessons we can learn from other people. To consider how other people might influence our own thoughts, actions and relationships.




Window MomentsA reflection of Beauty

To have opportunities for awe and wonder. To be inspired by the wonder of life, to marvel at the beauty in the world around us and to experience creativity.




Candle MomentsA reflection of Beyond

To develop our sense of mystery and to reflect on a higher purpose.



In the Summer of 2010, the church and school came together to develop a shared vision for the community of Hordle. This vision was communicated to the children through a series of assemblies run by the headteacher and vicar.

A group of self-nominated children then came together to make the vision a reality by reshaping it in the children’s language.  The following are the words of the children.


At the top of our triangle is UP. We think this is to do with worshipping and loving God and respecting the Lord. We think it is about prayer, peace, love and hope. We also think it is about heaven and angels.


One of the sides of our triangle is IN. This is about belonging to a church family. Wherever we go in the world we are part of a church family. Our church family  are there to care for us, to help lead the way. They have the responsibility to care for everyone and to keep them safe and secure.


The other side of our triangle is OUT. We think this is about kindness, love, respect and not being selfish. Without the OUT there would be no sharing and we would live in an impossible world. OUT is about spreading our friendship and kindness. It is about the part of our heart that is always shining out over others. Our own happiness can come from the OUT of others.


In the centre of our triangle is ME. ME is there because we are all on journeys as Christians and we are all at different places on that journey. ME is there because God made us and we respect his wishes about what he wants us to be and what he wants us to become in the future.  ME is about the half of your heart that is shining in on yourself.




The Bible gives us many prompts for how we should live and work together. Every year, each Class Team chooses a Bible verse that they feel best highlights how they intend to follow in Jesus’ example and to act as a reminder to the whole school community about the positive choices we can all make.


















We are very Lucky to enjoy close links with our local Church. For more information on All Saint’s Church Hordle please  click here

Click here to visit the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocese Education Pages


We are proud to have close links with Rwandan schools.

The Diocesan Director for Education in Shyogwe Rwanda – Marcel Sebahire visited the school in Summer 2019.

Our headteacher is also part of a Rwandan / UK School Leadership group.